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Ghost in the Machine–Guest J.C. Hutchins

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Host Gail Z. Martin talks with author J.C. Hutchins (7th Son, Personal Effects: Dark Art).

J.C. Hutchins is an award-winning novelist best known for his 7th Son technothriller trilogy, which he released as free serialized audiobooks from 2006-07. With approximately 100,000 downloads of his episodic fiction still occurring each month, 7th Son is the most popular “podcast novel” series in history.

The trilogy — and its 2008 groundbreaking spinoff anthology OBSIDIAN — are available for free download at The series’ first novel, Descent, will be published this fall by St. Martin’s Press. Personal Effects: Dark Art, J.C.’s debut in a new supernatural thriller series, will also be published in June.

J.C. has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post,, OMMA and Blogger & Podcaster magazines, Asimov’s Science Fiction, on the BBC and Italian national radio, and in more than 100 podcast interviews.

Ghost in the Machine–Guest J.C. Hutchins

Balticon Videos 2009

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Balticon 2009 Day 1

If it’s Memorial Day weekend, it’s time for Balticon, the con run by the Baltimore Science Fiction and Fantasy Society. Balticon is a larger con than some, and is exceptionally well run. This was my second year as a guest and once again I enjoyed it immensely.

On Friday, I was on a panel called “I Shot the Sheriff on the First Page” all about how to write a first page or first chapter that hooks the reader. My fellow panelists were Mark L. Van Name, Joshua Palmatier, Elaine Stiles and Jeri Smith-Ready. Later that night, the next panel for me was “Turning the Archetypes of SF Upside Down” and fellow panelists were Carl Cipra, Grig Larson, Elaine Corvidae and Bernie Mojzes. I had a great time getting caught up with Jean Marie Ward, Mur Lafferty, Chuck Gannon, Bud Sparhawk and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit as the evening wore on. Also enjoyed shooting the breeze with web comic creator Bryan Prindiville, plus Nathan Lilly and Jagi Lamplighter. Of course the highlight of Friday was the Steampunk Ball—lots of amazing outfits. You can see Jean Marie’s costume on the video!

On Saturday, a panel called “Did We Win” looked at whether the recent popularity of sci fi and fantasy in paranormal romance, and on TV and movies has countered the genre’s outsider status. My fellow panelists were Steve Stiles, Rober4t Chase, Mary Jo Putney and Don Sakers. Later on, I was part of Broad Universe’s Rapid Fire Reading with fellow Broads Jean Marie Ward, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Kelly Harmon, Trisha Woodridge, Roberta Rogow and Roxanne Bland. Then in the dealer’s room, lots of great conversation including CJ Henderson, Tee Morris, Patrick Thomas, Tony Ruggierio, and more.

Balticon had a vibrant nightlife, from the Masquerade to live music and filking to the ever-present parties. This year, in addition to CapClave, other groups hosting get-togethers included RavenCon, NSFIC, PhilCon, a group of folks from Aberdeen making a joking challenge for NSFIC, and no doubt others. There’s also the video and anime rooms which ran some great classics—there is never enough time to see everything at a con! And of course the art show, which is also a favorite. One of the cool things with Balticon is that the con suite is open 24/7, making a great place for people to congregate, and this particular hotel gives us a big room with a 1950’s diner motif. That’s where Lawrence Schoen did his book launch party for “Buffalito Destiny” on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the other launches on Sunday that I wanted to attend: Mike McPhail’s “And So It Begins,” Christiana Ellis’s “Nina Kimberly the Merciless” and JC Hutchin’s “Personal Effects: Dark Art.”