Ghost in the Machine Guest–KL Nappier

K.L. Nappier didn’t intend to join the ranks of independent, maverick
writers. Originally published by Berkeley Publishing Group in 1992, she
tried to please the New York houses. But in the pre-Internet age, when NYC
was interested in formulaic writers, her penchant for “not letting a
genre get in the way of a good story” was a liability.

In 2004 Kathy hit the e-book scene with Full Wolf Moon. Equal parts
thriller, horror, spiritual philosophy and social commentary, it won praise
and multiple awards in the independent press industry. Full Wolf Moon is
now an Aisling Press paperback, and its sequel Bitten -plus Kathy’s
paranormal mystery Voyagers- will have paperback releases later this year.
Ghost in the Machine–Guest KL Nappier

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