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Reign of Ash excerpt

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Click this link to read an except from Reign of Ash excerpt (NOW AVAILABLE!)

Author Gail Z. Martin reading an excerpt from Ice Forged

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Ghost in the Machine–Author Gail Z. Martin reading an excerpt from Ice Forged

Broad Pod: October’s Vampires

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Hello, Everyone!

Available for your enjoyment is the latest Broad Pod: October’s Vampires!

Join hostess, Trish Wooldridge of A Novel Friend Writing
& Editing, as she and the Broads celebrate what many genre writers–not
even just horror!–feel is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

The episode opens with E.F. Watkins sharing her story of a
violent act that is not quite what it
seems.  Then, Rae Lori’s excerpt involves
a power struggle for the role of Regent in a nightwalker clan.  Gail Z. Martin brings us into an epic battle
with the undead.  Finally, Jaleta Clegg
finishes the episode with musings on vampire survival related to problematic
food supply.

The Broad Pod is brought to you by Broad Universe, an
international non-profit dedicated to promoting, celebrating, and honoring women
writers of science fiction, fantasy, horror–and everything in between.  To find out more about Broad Universe, or how
to join the ranks of Broads, visit

For now, please enjoy our display of why the claims of
vampire demise… have been greatly exaggerated.

Book Trailer for The Sworn and The Dread

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Here it is—the brand new book trailer for my newest books—The Sworn and The Dread (Books One and Two in the Fallen Kings Cycle).  See it here first!

As plague and famine scourge the winter kingdoms, a vast invasion force is mustering from beyond the northern seas. And at its heart, a dark spirit mage wields the blood magic of ancient, vanquished gods.

Summoner-King Martris Drayke must attempt to meet this great threat, gathering an army from a country ravaged by civil war. Neighboring lands reel toward anarchy while plague decimates their leaders. Drayke must seek new allies from among the living – and the dead –- as an untested generation of rulers face their first battle.

Then someone disturbs the legendary Dread as they rest in a millennia-long slumber beneath sacred barrows. Their warrior guardians, the Sworn, know the Dread could be pivotal as a force for great good or evil. But if it’s the latter, could even the Summoner-King’s sorcery prevail?

Audio Excerpt from The Dread

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Click here to listen to an audio excerpt from The Dread:


Video excerpt from The Dread

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Click here for a video excerpt from The Dread:

Ghost in the Machine–Walter Hunt

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Host Gail Z. Martin talks with author Walter Hunt.

Walter Hunt is the author of the Dark Wing Universe and A Song in Stone series.

Ghost in the Machine–Guest Walter Hunt

Host Gail Z. Martin talks about new Dark Lady’s Chosen

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Podcast host and author Gail Z. Martin talks about (and reads from) her newest upcoming novel–Dark Lady’s Chosen, Book 4 in the Chronicles of the Necromancer.Ghost in the Machine–Guest Gail Z. Martin

Guest Mark Charan Newton talks about Nights in Villjamur

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Host Gail Z. Martin (Chronicles of the Necromancer) talks with author and editor Mark Charan Newton about his new novel, Nights in VillJamur.

Newton, an editor at Solaris Books, is the author of Nights in Villjamur, a much-touted new release with an edgy, noir style. Newton talks with Gail about the role of death in fantasy fiction and in their own novels.Mark Charan Newton talks about life, death and Nights in Villjamur

ConCarolinas 2009

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

ConCarolinas 2009 Day 1ConCarolinas 2009 Day 2

ConCarolinas was fantastic as always! Started off with a signing at Barnes & Noble at Carolina Place Mall with David B. Coe, Misty Massey and Faith Hunter. We had a blast! David, Misty, Faith and I also shared hallway tables at the con, which was a great place for us to sign books, meet with readers and enjoy watching people go by.

Of course a highlight for me was being on several panels with Katherine Kurtz, and also getting to talk with Mark Rainey, who has written for new incarnations of Dark Shadows.

The hallway was a busy place. Our “neighbors” included CJ Henderson, Elaine Corvidae, Glenda Finkelstein, Crymsyn Hart, Bob Aldrich, JF Lewis, Kimberly Alexis, James Maxey, Davey Beauchamp, Sabrina Luna, Dahlia Rose, Tony Ruggiero, Mark Rainey, Ed Schubert, Tally Johnson and AJ Hartley.

More friends in the dealer room included Debra Kileen, Michael Sullivan, Stephen Zimmer, Anthony Karnowski.

And friends around the con—Stephen Euin Cobb, Nathan Butler, Mike Pederson, Stuart Jaffe, Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit, Torch, Tina McSwain and Tonya Denny. Apologies if I’ve left anyone out!